This semester we have looked at a range of international case studies to question how film and digital media companies, practitioners, and consumers are challenging the supremacy of creative and cultural contents flowing outward from the United States.

We have investigated popular culture flows, media innovation, user experiences in mobile, online and cloud environments, film and digital media co-production policy and practice, Hollywood’s global hegemony, diasporic audiences, film festivals, industry networking summits and trade events, and cultural hearing – all key aspects impacting on the transnational development of the global media and culture industries today.

I found the initial case study on reality television programs and the subsequent impact on our culture, and specifically the LBGT community to be fascinating. It reminded me of the current Vice President of the US regarding marriage equality, “I think Will & Grace probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody’s ever done so far,” and so reminds us of the power of the media- even ones that we may prima facie see as not that culturally significant like reality television.

We then moved on to look at formats being transferred for different countries and markets, and it was fascinating to see how the same story would moulded and changed to suit differing cultures. I think this particular case study gave me the greatest insight into transnational media and how it important it is to identify idiosyncrasies unique to each culture when creating formats that can be potentially adapted and suited to a range of different markets. I believe that the main ‘ingredient’ as it were, to make a format that is capable of translating to differing cultural audiences is to allow the format to be abel to be somewhat indiginized in each region without losing the essence of what makes that particular format special. Not always an easy task

We then went on to look at international film festivals, co-production treaties and their positives and negatives, as well as participate in class debates.  It has been an interesting class that has covered topics that in my view, have been integral to the Global Media and Communication Major.



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